The Dictators' Guide to Good Housekeeping

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valeriemw By valeriemw Updated 2 years ago
Collection of 10 poems for entry in the 2012 Atty Awards.

(The cover photo is a detail from "Ein klein nachtmusik" by Dorthea Tanning. Tate Collection, London).
DarkMusings DarkMusings a year ago
@valeriemw I was thinking of it too literally at first, but metaphorically, this is brilliant.
yamith130280 yamith130280 a year ago
Solo está en inglés que mal por ese lado no creen además no se deja  arreglar
LawrenceB LawrenceB a year ago
Reminded me of my bout of chicken-pox and especially the feeling of being isolated.
I am saving you other poems for later :-).
EndTimePoet EndTimePoet a year ago
Thankyou for the confidence and determination Sharing you stories and leaving your mark on our minds. God Bless;)
shezzybear shezzybear a year ago
Amazing, this first poem takes me back to when I had the chicken pox as a child, being kept in the dark for days on end. Wonderful piece of writing!!!!
LadyEmanuelle LadyEmanuelle 2 years ago
wow.. It's a very, very good poem. You really deserve to win. A hundred claps for you:)