Smith Academy (also known as Sex Academy)

Welcome to Sex Academy. *wink* Sex Academy. R-17 (English)
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Oh, these are probably the best students in the school, with honor rolls and sex rolls and stuff
Whats happens if you went Smith Acadmey and graduated then had kids

Wouldn't know about this school?
*Wink* Oh, it'll be something awesome 
There'll be lots of NUTS
Unless you have peanut allergies
is that his last name pls I can't be thinking about the Jonas Brothers each time he appears in the story
third person POV is not bad at least it'll let us in on the guy's (assuming there is one) thoughts
@CharlotteJaneMagallo gugunficni nhni ffufnvffffftvnurhvugnudhcusnxuwnxusnjsnxuncrjg jc tj mgtk kbt hhmkj

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