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Welcome to Smith Academy. *wink* Sex Academy. R-18. (English) Editor of Sex Academy: Frankie Lopez ( @frankie_4389 - For the first 5 chapters)
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This is what I heard someone say "Are your legs Nutella because I wanna spread them?".
My friend just said something like hat the other day, "spread art, not legs" lol
Such a mix of romance and lust toyed with emotions and left me wanting more brilliant
?I cant pick which entry to evaluate, just seen ur MB and this story was the most talked about so i came here xD no wonder,u'r really  good about this *wink*
This book and His Sex Slave are my fvrote stories you have.. I love the drama :D <3
Done reading your story "sex slave" (love it!) haha and now starting this ! Not so excited right?? Am I ?? Hoho ^O^

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