Smith Academy (also known as Sex Academy)

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JadeEmelee By JadeEmelee Updated 2 months ago
Welcome to Sex Academy. 

Sex Academy.
R-17 (English)
ilovefafics ilovefafics 5 days ago
so hilarious how her mom is so excited aboutvher daughter is going to a sex school
seraberra seraberra 7 days ago
If you read this with a dirty mind, it says something totally different.
alumni here thank you very much I'm even more profesional than the proffesionals Lol
maddyh49 maddyh49 12 days ago
oh jeez 'doing' *facepalm*
very mature JK im not mature for nothin!!
SwizzleO SwizzleO 2 months ago
Ok so I read his sex slave first so now I HAVE to read this awesome job :))))
_VERSACE_ _VERSACE_ 4 months ago
Lmao I love this start already I see you have some humor in you.