Smith Academy (also known as Sex Academy)

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Welcome to Sex Academy. 

Sex Academy.
R-17 (English)
demibell12 demibell12 8 days ago
@lafatyou you don't need to be skinny to be hot you sexy mother trucker
MADDIG23 MADDIG23 16 days ago
"You need to be a virgin"
"Needa be 16-20"
"Need to be good looking"
I make people legally blind
"Filthy rich"
I got four dollars 
"Higher than 90 average"
Yeah I'm not going to this school
lafatyou lafatyou 16 days ago
Got all expect 4, let me lose some weight and then I'll be back lol
SwizzleO SwizzleO 3 months ago
Ok so I read his sex slave first so now I HAVE to read this awesome job :))))