I've fallen in love with the boy I bullied. (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Rachel Belle is what you would call the most popular girl in the school. She's drop dead gorgeous, and she can get any boy she wants. It sounds like she has a perfect life, right? Wrong. After her parents died when she was eight she's been living with her abusive foster parents. She's been taking her anger from home onto the school nerd, Harry Styles. After being paired up for a school project together Harry will find out how horrible Rachel's home life is. And Rachel will find out a few secrets about Harry. Will their hate change after all this? Will Harry make a change in his last year of school?
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dude I can already tell that you're freaking amazing by your intro! This is my first time reading this and now I'm like 10x more excited!
who would ever be a bitch to Harry? before we a was in 1D he still was cute i use to be in 5th grade with him he's really friendly ( No lie )
Am I the only one who thought of annoying orange? "Hey apple! Hey apple! Hey apple!"
@Casa_Bianca ikr I have to keep telling myself that...I keep thinking it's real!! haha
the dad smirks a lot... creepy. i think hes somewhat inappropriate. idk my goodness
It's Harry Freakin Styles we're talkin bout here. What do you mean not friends? Huh?

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