I've fallen in love with the boy I bullied. (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Rachel Belle is what you would call the most popular girl in the school. She's drop dead gorgeous, and she can get any boy she wants. It sounds like she has a perfect life, right? Wrong. After her parents died when she was eight she's been living with her abusive foster parents. She's been taking her anger from home onto the school nerd, Harry Styles. After being paired up for a school project together Harry will find out how horrible Rachel's home life is. And Rachel will find out a few secrets about Harry. Will their hate change after all this? Will Harry make a change in his last year of school?
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Uh. Have you not seen his angelic face. You should be GRATEFUL HE IS EVEN AROUND A BUTTHOLE LIKE YOU!
I was blowing a bubble gum and when she pushed him it popped in my face. gosh what'ts wrong with that son of b*tch.
For one he's the most sexiest hottest guy on the planet besides the other 4 who are also hot and two rude
I like it , it's an original book. Anyway if you liked this book maybe you can read mine ? It's called My bullies and it features One Direction ;)
I know someone a lot like that, that u just find them annoying even if they don't talk
'Officer I do not know how she ended up with a knife stuck up her butt. Seriously'

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