LGBT Adult - Logan is living his dream.
    He has a job he loves and a plan for his future.
    Surrounded by great friends, his life is were he wants to to be.
    Carlson has been groomed to follow in his fathers footsteps. 
    He has become his shadow, mimicking his father in ever way.
    He does as he is told and has long since locked away any feelings or emotions he has on the matter.
    That is until a fatal accident and Carlson loses his memory.
    What happens when Logan is confronted by a family who insist their son knows him, yet he has no memory off.
    Memories have a strange way of distorting the past and Logan and Carlson learn that some memories are not as they seem.
    Cover created and designed by Soniador
    Note - this story is purely a romance story and contains no sexual content at all between the two main characters, however it does contain the occasional kiss.
Wow , first chapter and it really take me to his world . all I can say is thank you.  I'll keep reading :)
I can very much relate.. Third paragraph pretty much sums it all up..
Instead of happened it needs to be happen. I love the book so far. I can't keep my eyes off of it.
That is grammatically incorrect. It's supposed to be where. Not were.
So that's three full time jobs...where does "me time" come in?
yeah don't give a reasonable explanation when your over the age of 20