Vengeful Love

Sequel to: I didn't know the guy I fell for was my teacher! Elena and Cole are now engaged, and with Thomas in the mental institution everything seems to be fine....right? Wrong! Read this story to follow the suspense, of Elena and Cole facing thier bigest fear, when he brakes out of his cell.
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The day after my birthday, the day the titanic sank, and the day Abe Lincoln was shot.... Great choice
Hey I didn't hear about her parents?how are they?are they still away in business.
Nah, April 25th it's not too hot not too cold and all you need is a nice jacket (;
@Wonderstrukk I know right??? I'm giggling like a little school girl right now... lol (pun intended)
All I ever needed by Paul McDonald should be one of the music for there wedding it fits them perfectly
OH I LOVE The Propasal and is and FOREVER be my favorite charcter other Kat maybe even Chase I Dont know but I LOVE TOM WELLING

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