One Direction Imagines

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_DragonHeart7772 By _DragonHeart7772 Updated 2 years ago
People under the age of 13 should not read this sexual content is used
Can I have a dirty Liam one where we get into a fight cause he thought I cheated on him with Niall
lxprxng lxprxng a year ago
That's what I thought I mean it was very hard trying to keep up with the story.
kissDaBAbY kissDaBAbY a year ago
Is good but.... Who's talking?  Missing quotes 
Gud story I guess ✌
Dansturbate Dansturbate 2 years ago
speech marks!!! I can't tell who is talking and when!?!!?? read some other books and imagines before you write your own!!
zarryftziam zarryftziam 2 years ago
You need to learn how to put quotation marks... It was confusing trying to read
ombrophobia ombrophobia 2 years ago
dayummmmm you need some grammar skills, no offense. Just run on sentences.