I met him on the balcony

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Lucy is a normal girl, living in a small country town who never figured that the guy she met was famous. Yes she broke into his room to sit quietly and read but she never knew that the perfect guy, one Ash Martin that she met that night could change her life forever. The only problem is he's keeping his big secret to himself. When she does find out all she can wonder is will their realtionship survive his fame?
Just calm down everyone. it doesn't matter and everybody can comment what they want.  @superah246 wasn't saying anything wrong. she just stated a fact. it honestly doesn't matter
Strawberry blonde... So it can look blonde or red in some lights or it will just look strawberry blonde
That's like asking... Michael Clifford, yeah lets do that, asking Michael that if he had stopped dying his hair, got contacts, and went by Mike.
Nick is so annoying, and clearly drunk. I wonder if he'll regret it all in the morning.
Oh hold mah poodle!!!Mama bout to go all baseball on his arse!!!
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Well, maybe if you wouldn't have practically raped her sister, you wouldn't be in this mess