Monroe Academy for the Arts

Thousands of students apply, and only 75 get in per year. This prestigious academy is seemingly perfect on the outside, it's every student's dream. But the students struggle to keep up the facade. Each student holds a secret, something deep and dark inside. How long will it take before the academy crumbles, falling into thousands of unrestorable pieces?
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You can totally tell this is fictional because a girl wouldn't give up the remote that easily!!!
@greenredblueyellow it said Tyler's point of view so maybe later it will have other characters point of view
The fact that you used the word gay in a negative way and use joked about rape is offensive.
Amazing first chapter! But I've gotta I'm not so crazy about your casting list...
what's the song in the trailer? also this chapter is really funny, I'm liking it so far.
not the biggest fan of stories with multiple POVs but this seems good so far so i'll stick to it

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