Monroe Academy for the Arts

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Rachel By knightsrachel Completed
Thousands of students apply, and only 75 get in per year. This prestigious academy is seemingly perfect on the outside, it's every student's dream. But the students struggle to keep up the facade. Each student holds a secret, something deep and dark inside. How long will it take before the academy crumbles, falling  into thousands of unrestorable pieces?
    *This book deals with issues such as Depression and self-harm.
                                    Thats all i need to say
                                    THANK YOU FOR PLL
Ffs i thought it was a girl. Every story starts off as a girl lololol
I like this book even more! WTK rock!! They r my fav band in the world!!!
I thought it was a girl. At the beginning it said Tyler's POV but I ignored it
in One of the Boys (another book by this author) every time someone says Just do it another person says Nike @ThnksFrThFckngMmrs
                                    My friend calls them Ugly Big Truthfuls, he hates the show. He didn't know A was a name!