Monroe Academy for the Arts

Thousands of students apply, and only 75 get in per year. This prestigious academy is seemingly perfect on the outside, it's every student's dream. But the students struggle to keep up the facade. Each student holds a secret, something deep and dark inside. How long will it take before the academy crumbles, falling into thousands of unrestorable pieces? *This book deals with issues such as Depression and self-harm.
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Nicole is the one Tyler called a b****. She's good at video editing. Trinity is Tyler's sister.
Omgggg Shane Dawson? He's an angel sent from heaven to remind us all that we'll never be funny like him ❤️❤️
I laughed because right when I read the word yawn I yawned trying to hold it I failed miserably and made it More noticeable lol gaga
I'm Trinity out of the three.. I listen to what my friends say about each other and just ignore telling them about it.
Ugh at first I was like omg Nina dobrev then I said wait it's Victoria justice.... Pretty sure it's Victoria not Nina....?
The beginning was a little confusing 
I thought Tyler was a girl before you said his name lol

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