Monroe Academy for the Arts

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Thousands of students apply, and only 75 get in per year. This prestigious academy is seemingly perfect on the outside, it's every student's dream. But the students struggle to keep up the facade. Each student holds a secret, something deep and dark inside. How long will it take before the academy crumbles, falling  into thousands of unrestorable pieces?
    *This book deals with issues such as Depression and self-harm.
I have the same sort of eye color, but mine switch color back and forth between blue and gray.
This isn't a fanfic is it? I'm confused because Tyler and Shane
So his house is like that really old looking out side go inside and you see wires and computers everywhere but awesomely amazing not messy and stuff
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I think that show is just a little too far past the stupid line. I wanted to shoot myself in the head after one freaking episode.