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xxxstrong_willedxxx By xxxstrong_willedxxx Updated 4 months ago
After her parents death, Ryley Parkinson, moves in with and old family friend's home. Dealing with an ex that can't take a hint, and a confusing love triangle, mixed with a troublesome crowd she tries to keep her past in her past...unsuccessfully. Can Ryley have a shot at happiness, or is that only for fools? Love, fear, jealousy, and a lot of tears all combine to make Obliterate.

**Formerly known as Enduring The Johnson Boys**
MarleeHarlee MarleeHarlee 2 years ago
Lol this is kinda like living with the walker boys, minus the abusive bf and the parents being killed
i love it:) but i would appreciate it if you made the chapters longer though:D
wow, i was just starting to read and i'm already impressed:))) you're gooooood
Live_Laugh_Love941 Live_Laugh_Love941 3 years ago
I think you are a UBER good author, just try a plot that's not sooo, er, cliche. When I saw this  immediately thought of "Surviving the Anderson Brothers". But you have great potential.
iJadee iJadee 3 years ago
this is good :)
She has some pretty long hair. Im jealous :(
iJadee iJadee 3 years ago
i like it so far =D 
i know its a bit late for this but i agree with @Lovesoreel xD
Cant wait to