This is just a number of sex scenes put on different pages, this isn't a book. Just something thrilling and exciting to read. Hope you like (:
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@MariaCook I could have sworn I just read a Perv story sound just like yours WOW! authors on same page for Valentine's Day I guess lol
Hi, I write adult novels too but for some reason wattpad blocks my story when I try to post it. Has this ever happened to you?
hope cant read any more I just cant or else ima have some probles that r worse than now
how about this happens in the midle of the club! lol a jumper would be hilarious! water bed too! haha
@Ka55ie_Mon5ter_14 same here and mr.brimstone reminds me of my gym teacher...but we would never have sex
Damn that was the hottest thing ever !!!! With this imagination of yours, I bet you must have a good sex life , lolz . Awesome story !!! :)

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