Getting on my Pants (ongoing)

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Fuumiru Kwon By Fuumiru Kwon Updated a year ago
He always finds a way on how to get into my pants. This is a story that can trigger different emotions... ^___^

*Please be open-minded. ^____^
this story is really interesting ;) im starting to love yhis one ^___^
ay  atei bnastos ini mag long love story.... dw ako ya ang ndamakan!!!!!.....
Hi dear author. Hope you'll jot going to leave this story. Believe me it's nice. Hope you'll finish it.
i really like your story. :) grabe tlga! silent reader aq pero nagcomment tlga ako kce suuuuupppeerrr love ko tong story na to :))
@abandonedpool ako din. hahahahaha. astig kaya ang victoria's secret!
Super love it... pls update more... nakakabitin kasi... (**-_-**)