Getting on my Pants (ongoing)

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fuumiru By fuumiru Updated a year ago
He always finds a way on how to get into my pants. This is a story that can trigger different emotions... ^___^

*Please be open-minded. ^____^
ZennahMaroon ZennahMaroon 4 months ago
this story is really interesting ;) im starting to love yhis one ^___^
anjen_08 anjen_08 8 months ago
ay  atei bnastos ini mag long love story.... dw ako ya ang ndamakan!!!!!.....
Mabbyjangad Mabbyjangad 9 months ago
Hi dear author. Hope you'll jot going to leave this story. Believe me it's nice. Hope you'll finish it.
gorgeousladyboss gorgeousladyboss a year ago
i really like your story. :) grabe tlga! silent reader aq pero nagcomment tlga ako kce suuuuupppeerrr love ko tong story na to :))
Jeanirificacious Jeanirificacious a year ago
@abandonedpool ako din. hahahahaha. astig kaya ang victoria's secret!
annechillax annechillax 2 years ago
Super love it... pls update more... nakakabitin kasi... (**-_-**)