Zebra by Chaim Potok

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_rainbomosopabubles By _rainbomosopabubles Updated 2 years ago
A boy named Adam Zebrin, whom everybody calls Zebra, notices a tall stranger collecting bits of junk out of trash cans near his school. When the stranger asks Zebra whether his school needs an art class, the two begin a deep and important friendship.
MaydenJoy MaydenJoy a month ago
I have a test on this story tomorrow, ugh... Not a bad story tho...
WhitneyLee7 WhitneyLee7 a month ago
I don't like to read from my work book so i like how i an be on my phone and have more fin reading it!!
hopedella hopedella 11 months ago
Arghh. I had a hw assignment to finish this and answer questions but I forgot to take home my book. Noooo! But it is a good story..
AntonetteTrejo AntonetteTrejo 2 years ago
@rainbomosopabubles thanks for posting this 'short story' I really enjoyed it!  Demonstrates how the power of our mental state can affect and determine our physical state...