She's Just Different

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_XxChainChainxX By _XxChainChainxX Updated a year ago
Scarlett Kester curses the day that her dad marries a woman more than ten years younger than him. Dixie. And her daughter Bailey. Scarlett thinks of them as the human sized barbies. Cant blame her. But when she goes to move in with them she can't help but feel an unusual pull towards the school's bad boy Gage Blaine. How he gets on her nerves in the worst ways possible. But what happens when she finds herself falling for him? Things could get bad. Exspecially a psyco ex.
LynneLyrixx LynneLyrixx a year ago
Dude that was totally Anthony and Ian from Smosh XD that's amazing
lilbucio630 lilbucio630 2 years ago
Dude this book was just hands down freaking amazing :D keep up the amazing work
kittygatomeowmeow kittygatomeowmeow 2 years ago
Something tells me you got the names Anthony and Ian form Smosh .... Just saying Lol
iLikeNutella4 iLikeNutella4 2 years ago
I read this lile last year, and i'm reading it again.. I really like it :)
Dinosaur_Grrrr Dinosaur_Grrrr 2 years ago
I really like this book,  cant wait until you update it *high five*
Cloudytimes Cloudytimes 2 years ago
wat no spakles? hahahahah jkjkjk
                                                     -jojo out! ;P