The Sculptor

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murderella By murderella Updated 3 years ago
Michelle Rolfe -- Artist. Genius. Beautiful. And murderous. Eighteen disfigured dead bodies are found in the span of twelve years. And Michelle Rolfe, the killer, goes public and plays a twisted scheme of murder.
Vrbica Vrbica 2 years ago
This book is amazing,cant wait for the next one
You are an amazing writer ,the book has kept me on my toes till the end ,i was addicted to it :)
maldita007 maldita007 2 years ago
i love your murder stories. I can't wait for the finish product of Sculptor's Society. Keep it up! Two thumbs up! d.(^_^).b
fxlachata fxlachata 3 years ago
i love the story!! i already read notes on a murder, hannah, and rolfe!! i love the twists!! you're an awesome author!! please create more murder stories!!
jheyemm08 jheyemm08 3 years ago
done reading thisand all i can say is

"whoa what a story"

after starting this i just can't get enough
i was hooked that instant
enigmatic18 enigmatic18 3 years ago
@murderella im monique eugenio... whoa, you know im havin good time readin your works.. hope u and i will became good friends..hahah :)
enigmatic18 enigmatic18 3 years ago
muderella are you a pinay? by the way i've added u on facebook..:)