My Extra Terrestrial.

A Paranormal Romance. When fate screws you over at a young age, how does it make up for it? How about great riches and/or success in the future? That’s what Eva Darrell wished when she her father disappeared and her mother slowly lost all interest in her. Fate brought Drake Slayer; the school’s hottie and her mother’s rival’s son, on that faithful night at their mothers work party but put her mother in hospital. Eva blames herself but Drake changes her opinion very quickly. In the months her mother is away, she finds she’s falling for the Drake. Will he feel the same way or will rejection shred her heart to pieces. Not everyone is who they appear to be…Eva should keep that in mind. Drake’s job is to protect serve and love…her?
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This is a great start <3
At first it sounded a bit cliche and expected, but I sure wasn't expecting... THAT.... very well done! :) can't wait to read on!
hey were you wanting a different cover for your story?  I could remake it if you didn't like it.
Wow this is really good! Your doing a great job with this story, please continue.. :) 
This is pretty good, actually. It's not bad at all! :) oooooohhhh I wonder what happened to Julia.....
Pure brilliance. ;D I love paranormal romances. I'm really excited to see where you'll take this story. It was amazing. I'm continuing on. (:
*voted*! absolutely loved it. I liked how you ended it like that, not elaborating on details yet, good! Thumbs up from me! 

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