Poetry of a Different Girl

~♥~Poetry~♥~ A collection of poems I have written. Some are old, some are new. Most of them are written from experiences I've had in life...
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Again, this is an AMAZING poem. It's so breathtaking and lovely. I simply can't give you any advice, you're brilliant!
we die so young in our foreverness
forever means now
it doesn't make sense. but they really aren't promising anything
Read most of them.. I love the word choice you used! You also captured a lot of emotion in each line of word. Very well put together! :)
Sometimes the rhyming scheme changes, breaking the flow of the poem, but otherwise it's really good love poem
You really really know how to touch some one, this got me right in the heart. You seem really mature and talented. *votes*
This poem is fantastic! If only I could write like this! You've got some deep understanding of love, girl!

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