Crazy Sexy Cool : Big Bad Mafia Boy Series 1 #Wattys2014

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Athena_Heart By Athena_Heart Completed
The Italian mafia rules. For decades, the rules have remained the same. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. 
His world was one of lust, lies and maybe love. Fearless and ruthless, Dean Bishop terrified her. Commanded. Wanting nothing but her. He will make her his. No matter the cost.
Fiery, feisty and unforgettable, Elena Cruz is a sexy drug that Dean craves endlessly. 
But in this world where money and power consume everyone, enemies abound. There is a price on her head. 
Against all odds, Dean wants to protect her. Will he be able to, even as she continues to keep her distance from him? What would it take to change Elena's heart towards Dean? A red hot tale of desires rolls out the red carpet for you to enter...
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Oh poor baby D: fucking Dean couldn't he have waited till the kid wasn't around?
haha. then pascal will fall in love with one of dean and elena's daughters in the future. that would be a great twist. and maybe that would end the war between the two families. :D
We'll...okay then....
Pascal is going to grow up and get revenge I know it.
Wow! What an amazing first chapter! So much action I couldn't look away!
I love it! :)
Same I've been looking for a mafia book that actually makes them fearless and ones that don't have a soft spot in the first chapter! I love this book so far and you're a great author
No story has ever made me cry before. Good job with your words. This is amazing.