Romancing The Mob

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Gaby By muffinsmurf49 Updated 4 years ago
Laura Santos has always lived a sheltered life. Her father, Carlos Santos, is the typical overprotective Italian dad.....or is he? Growing up with nannies and bodyguards, Laura never really questioned their existence in her life, and always ignored the rumors of her father being into some illegal businesses. But when Laura finds herself being bossed around by her father and his new head of security, she'll have to find the balance between being smothered to death by her father, and dodging his enemies.
Hi I love your story its lovely just the sort I was looking for but it needs to be contiued so plz can u continue it I'm dieying for more x
I am really enjoying your story! I hope you plan to upload soon!
GREAT STORY! I love your description, and the italian part adds to the sexiness ;]
OOLALA :P lol he is gorgeous but kind of a jerk... :) I LOVE IT and this story is awesome!!!!! <3
@lexi1895 she's 18 i'm pretty sure i read that some where in the 1st chapter (:
Wait...I think I'm old is she? :) I LOVE this story so far :)