The Tide - Completed

Teenage life. Gotta love it, huh? It's ups and downs are just like the rough oceans in this world. Low tides, where life is all good. And the occasional high tides that turn our lives upside down. Jamie, a teenage girl, is extremely familiar with these tides. But just because you're familiar with something...doesn't mean you can handle it. Ladies, whatever you're going through in your teenage life, just know that you aren't alone. Fellas, want a look at what goes on in a teenage girl's life? Well here you go. So, when the high tide comes and beats you sideways...what are you gonna do? Sink and let life drown you or are you going to swim and fight the currents? That's Jamie's dilemma. Turn the (electronic) page and follow Jamie as she fights through the turbulent tides she calls life.
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I really love the start with its philosophical meanings and such :D
Voted and reading on :)
Interesting philosphical introduction. 
Don't know what it'll be about, but will read on.
I liked it, especially the philosophy, lol 
Looks like you got a great story going on here :)
Reading on...
Great prologue :D I like the philosophy/ metaphors, Your reasoning is very deep :D
I love that philosophy! It definitely makes sense. I have a feeling I will really enjoy the rest of this!
I really like the analogy of comparing life to swimming, it feels a little like my own life. (:

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