The Amanda Project Book 2: Revealed

Hal was completely entranced by Amanda from the moment she set foot in Endeavor, and she shook his world view to its core, re-coloring the way he looked at everything. The guides continue to make surprising discoveries as they sleuth into recent alarming developments at school, Amanda's true identity, and her reasons for coming to Orion. They come to realize that Amanda may have disappeared physically, but she is definitely still sending beacons and clues so that they can uncover the larger mystery of which she is a part . . . does an intricate, carved box belonging to Amanda hold the key to everything?
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I get too... It's called intuition but the sad fact is that it can't be explained, so hardly anyone believes you
I can already tell i am gonna like this book from the first page- it's crazy good!
hey I started to read book one I think but I never saved it and I really want to read on do you know where I can find it? Great story btw :)
You are absolutely amazing. There are actually no words. Is this a published book?
Awwww I soooo badly wanna keep reading!!! Unfair!!! :( I wish my school would buy the series
@iGLeSiaS_urMine  it was not an ending there is going to be 8 books till the end and have a different P.O.V each book

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