The A Team

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_EdSheeranSongs By _EdSheeranSongs Updated 2 years ago
Inspired by the song of Ed Sheeran 'The A Team'

Alondra. That was her name. Last name, it doesn't matter. Nineteen but looked older than she actually was. Once a beautiful girl, now a messed up drug addict.

For two years she's been prostituting herself trying to get money to support herself. But it's not easy, sometimes her problems just get to her and she has no one to go to. 

She needs a friend, she needs a brother, she needs a parent. And that's were I come in, my name is Arnold Doe. And together she and I made:

The A Team

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rokamounirian rokamounirian a year ago
it's amazing...sad but very deep ..really I loved it :) and I need to read more about ur writtings :)
shortie1515 shortie1515 2 years ago
@EdSheeranSongs I love it!!!! It talks about the sad truth and sadly this is very common between teenagers! Voted! I love it! It's just wow!
AngelKelly AngelKelly 2 years ago
@EdSheeranSongs  thank you. ,i love it. and plus, youll be doing one fo m
y favorite songs to.
AngelKelly AngelKelly 2 years ago
i love it. I love this song a team. can you write one on I wont give up? i no it isn't a ed sheeran  song but i think you should try it. And buy the way i loved it
KaylaKrantz KaylaKrantz 2 years ago
Very very interesting narration and way of introducing not only a character but the chapter and book itself. Great job! Voted, you definitely deserve a lot of reads on this!
TheGreatEscapeX TheGreatEscapeX 2 years ago
@EdSheeranSongs Mm that must be scary O_o I know a few people who do drugs :(