The Alpha's Baby

I swirled my hips around as the music took over my body. I had my eyes shut with my head tilted back. Someone was holding my hips as I danced. They gridded their hips up against my backside causing me to moan. I could smell lust in the air. Some coming from me and the person behind me. Some from the fifty other teen werewolves around me. "Marley." My eyes snapped open when I heard the voice. I turned my head a little to see if I was hearing things but luck wasn't on my side. Bryce stood behind me with a smirk.
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EXACTLY!!!! With the boys it just doesn't matter but with us girls.....hehe...NO!!!
I'd punch her in her throat. I can't stand defiant children and kids who think they're grown.
If you're a girl it doesn't matter how much kids your parents have, strict is the standard
If I rolled my eyes at my mother she would pull them out and feed them to the dog.
Voted purely for the picture. Not that the story doesn't seem interesting, but that baby's face is priceless! XD
im wondering why I cant ready any of this story . I try each chapter but no words . what can I do ? xoxo

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