The Alpha's Baby

I swirled my hips around as the music took over my body. I had my eyes shut with my head tilted back. Someone was holding my hips as I danced. They gridded their hips up against my backside causing me to moan. I could smell lust in the air. Some coming from me and the person behind me. Some from the fifty other teen werewolves around me. "Marley." My eyes snapped open when I heard the voice. I turned my head a little to see if I was hearing things but luck wasn't on my side. Bryce stood behind me with a smirk.
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I love the book but I love the cover more. That is how to make holding a baby badass
lol this is really good!!! i lyk it so far!! BUT THE CHAP IS TOO SHORT!! VOTED :)
I just finished the first chapter and can already tell.... This is going to be good!:)
your book looks interesting but 60 page's would be nice. all i read is wolf books.L8tr
The chapter lengths are disappointing, 
I like it so far, it's not cleche. I hope it stays that way :)
Hi, can you read my story too?
it's also a werewolf/romance!

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