Virgin taken on her maiden voyage

With his smoldering eyes caressing her, Riccardo Buchannan arrogantly promised Kimberly, she would be his before the voyage was over....and he never breaks a promise
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chat with somebody who did not know who I was. ❓  Or are allowing for an accent?
that would explain how he said I've never seen u here before,like he knew everyone on the ship
OH GOD THIS IS SOO HOOKING, but then all your works are <3 Imma read this :$ I can peacefully die reading your work!
Where is chapter two of Virgin Taken on Her Maden Voyage? It skipped from chapter one to three!
Yay!  Evn though I think they r marrying 2 soon, I'm glad tht they r together. Luv how sweet Rick is towards her ^-^
You were going to fix the chapter 2 outta order issue sometime I hope.  Did I end up editing/proofing this one for you at somepoint?

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