The Art of Illusion

We all know that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. And some of us know that the Matterhorn may have a basketball court at the highest part. But. You're. WRONG. So then what's up there?
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Ya know Plan B reminds me of that eve heard of it? Anyways, I still gotta keep reading!!! You're freakin' GOOD!!!
I LOVED THE PROLOGUE. i didn't notice any spelling mistakes. ummm...i guess that all.


the story was very engaging.
I could do with a little more description. I spotted an error, should have been "one o'clock" not "one'o clock" :D
Loads of action in the prologue! Great start! It's intriguing and makes, me, a reader, want more :D
Pretty interesting but I think you should start to add some more detail. Very original though. :)
The dialogue doen't work for me and this chapter lacked action, but i will read on.

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