It's My Job (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) {Completed}

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ObeyPayne By ObeyPayne Updated 2 years ago
*****COMPLETED. IN EDITING, SEQUEL IN PROGRESS***** {Green checkmark won't show up, sorry.} Scarlett Jones. Her job is pretty simple, you can say she's sorta a . . . coverup. When a celebrity has a girlfriend, that's when she comes in. Basically, she receives all of the hate and attention. When Louis Tomlinson from famous boy band, One Direction, wants a fake girlfriend to protect his new girlfriend,  Eleanor, that's when he calls Scarlet Jones. It started as a fake relationship, but when feelings, drama, and especially Eleanor is put into the picture, that's when things come crashing down. Will this end in love? Heartbreak? Tears of joy or pain? Or in Scarlett's case, just another job being done . . .
There's two "and"s & I noticed it. I feel pretty accomplished
Everyone remembers the first time they found out about the boys. *sighs* we were all carrots back then... Those were the days fangirling started.
And now it's 3M. This is my third time reading this story, and it's still as wonderful as the first time. You're an amazing author.
You have to hold back your life for louis because he can end it with his sexiness
Bad is good . No I didn't say it's bad , I said it's good 
                                    I'm really bad at conveying a message 
not really carrot-y since he DID go through a phase of toms... #rereader