It's My Job (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) {Completed}

*****COMPLETED. IN EDITING, SEQUEL IN PROGRESS***** {Green checkmark won't show up, sorry.} Scarlett Jones. Her job is pretty simple, you can say she's sorta a . . . coverup. When a celebrity has a girlfriend, that's when she comes in. Basically, she receives all of the hate and attention. When Louis Tomlinson from famous boy band, One Direction, wants a fake girlfriend to protect his new girlfriend, Eleanor, that's when he calls Scarlet Jones. It started as a fake relationship, but when feelings, drama, and especially Eleanor is put into the picture, that's when things come crashing down. Will this end in love? Heartbreak? Tears of joy or pain? Or in Scarlett's case, just another job being done . . .
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I don't hate El, I don't particularly like her because she's been rude many times, but I ship Larry haha
Sorry but I laught so hard like you just sit there with 1D, your phone rings and you get it out of your bra  
Okay sorry go on...
It probably better to not judge or comment unless you know the story. It could be something entirely different than what you suspect.
I wouldn't even wait for them to give me gifts I'd tell them to buy me everything bc they're rich
I have a feeling I might know her.... I've heard of someone who is 13 and in yr 8 and prego soo
Umm it could end up like how @megarapayne writes her freakishly good novels  luv u babe *lols*

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