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this is just a collection of random stuff i write when im bored thats really funny cuz its convos with myself and friends and blah blah blah ;P
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That was sad, D and A just left you for death, oh well you said there was a part two... if I were you, I wouldn't listen to D
lol why are u talking to urself?!? :D that was really funny I was laughing and my mom was looking at me as if I was crazy!
What the fudge was that? What were u doing? Trying to kill someone? Or yourself? Like what was going on?
YOU FLIPPEN STOLE MY NICKNAME FOR U!!! ONLY I CALL U NANI! Ur so mean! U best be givin me credit!
@hythdhythd123 First Kelly's da Winner and Nabeela's da loser and second :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P lol!
@Bluedragon10 I know right! we are such losers! lol but u got to love me for that... i dunno 'bout Nabeela, but yeah! lol

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