Mountain Girl [Naruto]

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Pandamalion By Pandamalion Updated 2 years ago
After the death of her last family member, and possibly clan member, Haku Yuki, Ketsu is approached by the very shinobi team that kill both Haku and Zabuza. Despite the fact that they robbed her of her family, Ketsu grows to actually like Team 7, something that was hard for both sides. But now that she has forgiven them for what they did, and having saved their lives, they want this wild mountain girl to come back to Konoha with them. Yet the snowy mountains is where she thrives, it's her life, but Konoha is safe, warm and properous. Though as danger ensues in both regions, Ketsu realizes she'll only be able to survive in one, and not the other.
Ninja_cat_wolf-thing Ninja_cat_wolf-thing 6 months ago
At this time, I am currently holding my phone while typing with my left hand(on my phone) and my hand kinda looks purple... I'm not sure if this is good or bad...
G4m3rG33k G4m3rG33k 8 months ago
Waaaa! Poor Ketsu, her last (maybe last not sure) family member was killed. T^T
G4m3rG33k G4m3rG33k 8 months ago
This story is amazing! I really love it. I've read a lot of Naruto fanfic's and so far this one is my favourite ^_^
SenbonRinuzu101 SenbonRinuzu101 2 years ago
Lolzzzzz Naruto-kun thinks he's gonna die by either ketsu or starvation.I'm liking this story already XD
lunardragon lunardragon 2 years ago
aww love the "your too pretty to be a boy" comment. plz update soon