The Bang Bang Effect (Watty Awards 2011)

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Nuh uh By candybanapple Completed
When you're Bianca Lee, trouble happens to become your shadow. For any normal person, taking a turn into a dark alleyway would be a quick shortcut but not for a girl like Bee. You could only count on her to run into a gangs formation not having the slightest idea of the problems she would attract to herself. However, problems aren't the only things she attracts. Take a certain badass gang personnel and add that to the catastrophe we call Bianca and the result will be the Bang Bang Effect.
    (VOTE!! uh huh)
Yes, because going in the direction of an unknown group of males in a dark alleyway is a good idea if you're alone *facepalm*
 I'm dying right now omg  Jesus whoo! Really!!? No common sense  Still like her tho
she is such an idiot this is why people die in alleyways!!!!!!!!
Mines would be "wazzup fam? U aight?",... My mum hates when i talk like that☺️
I bet when something goes wrong, it always does when it involves alleyways in the dark, Gage will save her.
That's an absolutely amazing idea my friend! You should win a Nobel prize for that one!