He Stole My First Kiss -going through editing-

Copyright © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Want pure cliched romance? Here's one :)) (My first ever story, so it's pure cliched teen romance and it's going to be edited so excuse my very bad grammars) Written by: me Edited (still being edited) by: ashladee13
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I think you did an Awsome job!I totally loved the book,lol!!!!Try capitalilizing your sentences.
hey if you want, I can edit this book for you! :D  PM me, I'm going to read this whole book now, lol
I love diffrient pov btw it's so interesting figuring out how diff ppl think so good 4 you!!!!!
The mistakes r terrible u need to fix them and work on yur grammer but everything else is good the plot and characters, just the mistakes drive me crazy

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