Help Me, Please? *One Direction Fanfic*

I am only could this happen to me? I am nerdy-straight 4.0 GPA, never smoked, never done drugs, never had a boyfriend, never had sex, never tasted alcohol, so why did he have to kidnap me? And how does One Direction fit into this mess?
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RUN YOU DUMB BITCH! Sorry I'm that chick that always shouts at the dumb girl in horror movies
My mom stopped cooking for me at 11. She just said "You got two arms and legs that anit broke cook for your damn self." Love you mom -_-
omg I would've saw the TV missing and slowly walked out the house.......then I would've ran away screaming like somebody messed with my hair
girl....I get ur not street smart but there's noises in your house and "nobody's there" 
I had bf in kindergarten so emberissing for my bf I KISSED HIS CHECK IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS!! BOOYAH!!
who else said this in buzz light years voice? sorry i watch way to much toy story lol

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