Help Me, Please? *One Direction Fanfic*

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Jakkii By Jakkii Updated 10 months ago
I am only could this happen to me? I am nerdy-straight 4.0 GPA, never smoked, never done drugs, never had a boyfriend, never had sex, never tasted alcohol, so why did he have to kidnap me? And how does One Direction fit into this mess?
sarahflynn61 sarahflynn61 5 days ago
All this sounds like Tessa from After before she met Harry. Only if you read it and went through the pain and suffering through that book will you understand who I am talking about.
I'm almost 14, 5'2 and 89 pounds and I thought it said 5 foot 300 pound girl lmao
I'm sorry what was that you were saying about your "4.0 average"?
Rickiwalton Rickiwalton 9 days ago
Same just saying I'm no longer allowed to touch the microwave
Hollyfire29 Hollyfire29 10 days ago
You know it's always black I want someone to rob a house in like neon green or something
April2328 April2328 14 days ago
oh yeah theres a robber in my house thats also planning on kidnapping me yeah im gonna calm down