If I Fall In Love

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karacan55 By karacan55 Completed
when Brie and Blake find a shocking truth they soon are both sent to live with each other in an unknown island on the tropic of cancer things get a little strange. both are very well known enemies. will they put their evil thoughts about each other behind or will they both suffer a painful death?
SkittlezAREcool SkittlezAREcool 8 months ago
This is a bit sudden  
I knew he liked her because he told her he KNEW she liked him ! 
*cough cough* I like you*cough cough* 
Is what he meant to say  
Nice ! 
Keep it up
_TooSexyForMyShirt _TooSexyForMyShirt 4 years ago
haha this is totally awesome and that last bit was quite funny i just had to lol :) xxx
sammystheruler sammystheruler 5 years ago
You know what would put a twist on the story is if when they fall in love and are about to kiss someone breaks down the door and tries to kidnap them 
xxIHateLuvStorysxx xxIHateLuvStorysxx 5 years ago
Who was it??? Brie's mom?? Some cheerleader person?? A villager girl?? Maid?? Oh my goshh!!! UPLOADD SOOONNNN!!! I NEED TO KNOWW!!!