My Forbidden Desire (Teacher & Student Love Story)

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Kimmie Leah Jayne By Kimmie Leah Jayne Completed
Tiffany Vladimir has always been popular and has always got the best boyfriends, she is the daughter of a huge rock star for crying out loud, but when she comes to Creed Hollow high she finds herself falling for no students but her music teacher.
When she decided to date Finn Alaric she knows that in doing that it will be very hard, only because his brother is only the music teacher named Damien Alaric.
Can Tiffany hind her feelings towards him and stay faithful towards the kind and caring Finn or will she fail and destroy not only Finn’s heart but Damien’s career and life?

With a twisted ending... O.o
Ohhh! Thanks for dedicating this story to me! :)
LOVE THIS ONE. hehehee. 
cannot wait to see how this all plays out. :D
Nggaawwww thanks for the awesome dedi :D
thats great that im being dedicated to such an awesome book :)
hope you get more readers and fans <3