The Head Cover

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Ada Wiam By bellasonline Completed
When her individuality and belief is questioned by her school management, she fights against them with passion. The head cover (Hijab) is her symbol, her eccentricity and she can’t give it up for anyone. This is the fight of Zara Malik, a young Muslim girl, who lost so many things, just because she is a true Muslim from head to toe. Can she win Finally or Will she fail like so many of them?
you'll look beautiful! I'm not gonna lie its hard at first but its worth fighting for
@SANDPIT_TURTTLE Wear hijab and love wearing it then you'll see yourself beautiful. Wear Hijab to satisfy Allah ❤️
heyy... so I read this story first when I was a ghost reader... so I didn't get the opportunity to vote and comment on the most awesome book.... so here I'm reading it again... InshaAllah I'll try to become a better Muslim by reading this. Hats off to you fathema..  For writing this amazzziing work
i like the concept n special the way you'd code AHADEES 
                                    i would appreciate u to wrote on real facts that our sisters are facing ib this society.
                                    plz carry on and there're alot waiting for ur next chapter.
                                    best of luck
                                    May ALLAH Bless you..:)
This is interesting story mashallah I came across it and thought why not giv it go good story time people wrote about there religion taught me a few things:) keep it up u got my vote
can some one help me out here 
                                    help is much appreciated :)
                                    Im a 13 yr old struggling with very important decissions
                                    i want to start wearing a is nice it is beautiful
                                    but what if i looked weird wearing it 
                                    does that make me a bad muslim??
                                    in need of desperate help