His Secretary To Be

Furious about her new boss not showing up at her job interview, Cassidy takes matters in her own hands. She meets Luciano Gavino in his own office but somehow leaves the office as his fake girlfriend. Will their newly formed relationship work or will it all crash and burn?
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Michelangelo and Gabriella. Never thought I would get attached to fiction characters
@Indented____  no not really cause im black. I was just wondering.  Cause that would be awesome.
lucy? omg luciano is sooooo diferent from his dad and rodolfoa and gabe! XD i guess it goes like that when u grow up with no weird training!! XD
I totally love your gavino series!!!! You are blessed with creativity! keep it flowing
Loool I kinda like her sass but she can get annoying with the constant bimbo act
It feels so weird when you're reading a book with your own name in it, and the character is doing something that you totally would not do.

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