Murder in Wonderland

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AmyDeal By AmyDeal Updated 3 months ago
Lacie always enjoyed her sister, Alice's, company. They always skipped stones by the river and spoke of a dazzling new place called Wonderland. Alice claimed to have visited Wonderland and told Lacie all about her adventures and all the creatures she had encountered. But that was all in the past. Alice had disappeared a year ago and had left Lacie with a few parting words, "Remember to find the White Rabbit when I'm no longer here to tell you of Wonderland." What happened to Alice? Will Lacie uncover the truth? A budding, forbidden romance? Go on, read and find out.
InternetJunkie InternetJunkie 2 months ago
Well yes now but this comment was written over 3 years ago. I guess it wasn't then (I can't quite remember that far back so..)
saltywhispers saltywhispers 2 years ago
i always love alice in wonderland and im  soo happy you wrote this its really great book. c;
Icybear Icybear 3 years ago
This is AMAZING! Please please please please keep writing!!!
ammoon15 ammoon15 3 years ago
It's almost been a year, please update!! This is an excellent book, and I love the unique story line, I can't wait till she goes into wonderland!
iamranim iamranim 3 years ago
y dont u continue ur stories? :/ but gd btw i read freak academy as well i like that better in my opinion~ i looove ur writing sorry if i offended u in any way :/
ZakuraKnightV2 ZakuraKnightV2 3 years ago
I read the first chapter so far and I have to say this is really good!! ^^