Vigil Annie

Annie Crawford is an ex-cop living a double life. After her fiancé is murdered and she is left for dead, she’s desperate and seeking vengeance. She turns to a vigilante agency headed by a man with his own secrets. Annie must work for them as they investigate the murder and help her find the answers she needs. Now working on the wrong side of the law, Annie’s life has one purpose: justice. Justice for her fiancé and for the city she lives in. But as Annie’s strength grows, the agency struggles to control her, putting everyone involved at risk. And the deeper Annie sinks into this new life the more she fears she may never return.
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U should call it Vigilante Annie, it rhymes, but you title whatever you want, its your book!
Wow this story is awesome so far! You're a really talented writer, you have a good story AND good grammar/punctuation:)
i think we have are great next author unless you are already an author i love this book you should get it publish
i love this story tittle it is really cool i never read any thing like this before i think i am going to love it!!!!
This story was good but then, it looks like the Alias story which lead by Jennifer Garner.
Good story I felt like im in d situation. Congrats to the writer.
Very nice...
Can't say much, being a novice writer...
I personally like the style of writing...

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