Her Last Wish

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xLittleMonstahX By xLittleMonstahX Updated a year ago
Alice Denvar is DYING. She is suffering from gastric cancer and life is slowly and painfully slipping away from her. But she refuses to die, until her final wish is granted.

But her final wish is impossible in every way. Her parents tell her over and over that it indeed was impossible; but she refuses to listen.

She later decides to go back to school in an attempt to live the remaining time she has left as a normal teenager. But of course, keeping her illness a secret. 

Then she meets Drew; a guy whom she has met once, but she never thought of meeting again. Before Alice has even realized it, she slowly and helplessly falls for him. From the moment she laid her eyes upon him, she has been feeling indescribable emotion towards him.

But Drew has a secret of his own.

Will Alice be able to find happiness again?

trangxnguyen trangxnguyen 3 years ago
interesting way to give her background info, with that little speech. i can't tell how annoyed I am at the stories that start out with "Hi, my name is {blank} and I'm a normal teenage girl, but not."
AmcAngel AmcAngel 4 years ago
I like how you worked her description into the story. Your a very good writer.
rubyred21 rubyred21 4 years ago
i read this on my ipod and had to come find it on my laptop too comment. :) Its amazing ;]
beana31 beana31 4 years ago
OMG!! so good!! plz plz check out mine!! lol. Its my first 1!! The Dust.
Raeign Raeign 4 years ago
This is REALLY good, but is it me or do i keep seeing the word 'for' again and again and again...??
Berrypie546 Berrypie546 5 years ago
OMG this is such a good story. I think of me and my mom although I dont have cancer!