Bullied - A Justin Bieber Love Story

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Scarlet Weatherley, A 17 Year Old High School Student, Is Tortured By Justin, The Popular One, And Disliked By Everyone...Well Not Necessarily..Justin Has Turned Them Against Her. Justin Threatens Her Everyday After School With His Best Friends Ryan And Chaz, But Scarlet Doesn't Say A Word To Anybody. The Only Friend She Has Is A Boy She Discovered On Twitter, He's Seen Her But He Keeps His Identity To Himself. He Ends Up Helping Her. Who Is He? Why Is He Helping Her? Most Importantly...
    What Will Happen?
Changing "Justin" to "Harry" and "Ryan and Chaz" to "Louis and Niall"
I haven't read any Justin Bieber Fanfics lately and I'm looking forward to reading this one so I hope it's good
I'm not one of those insane crazy people that feel the need to correct people but I just want to let you know because you know some people seriously will jump at you for this but it's *bieber not *beiber
chaz is gunna like her to watch... karmas gunna bite them in the ass real hard
Fr tho he daddy af but damn nigga chill tf out & let the bitch sunbathe or something
Lol the loser got hurt from bein bumped into  #kiddingluvubizzle