Take Me As I Am (Completed)

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myheartsmistake By myheartsmistake Completed
I don't like One Direction.

So can someone please tell me why I'm stuck on a game show with the five boys who have stolen millions of girls' hearts?
band_nerd_grl band_nerd_grl 4 days ago
this has described me so far if she likes metal, rock ,and screamo it will be me.....oh and skateboarding !!!
Iamsherlocked3 Iamsherlocked3 9 days ago
finally someone even though this is fiction,  and I am writing a fanfic 'bout them for no reason other than boredom.
NoxWizard25819 NoxWizard25819 13 days ago
I'm in denial, I their musics but I don't consider myself as a directioner idk, someone help me
_caseylucaya _caseylucaya 14 days ago
this is me minus the whole not liking one direction or Taylor lautner thing :)
cxryss cxryss 16 days ago
I love this book so much  every time I read it I ship her with someone else 
Truefate Truefate 22 days ago
I get the Justin beiber.. But TAYLOR LAUTNER! I think this girl might be partially blind cause girl. I dont adore him but boy is he some eye candy!