Take Me As I Am (Completed)

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katie ann By myheartsmistake Completed
I don't like One Direction.
    So can someone please tell me why I'm stuck on a game show with the five boys who have stolen millions of girls' hearts?
Guys just give her a minute.........she's had a lot to drink.
Btw it's the tally mark day so all yall better be drawing rn
Lol u dont even know how many of those stupid competitions n ticket  winning things I've entered
Lol this makes  me feel bad like I don't drool over one direction psh wwuty?! Whatever gave u that idea? The posters n songs n books n screaming n fangirling and stalking? Its not that obvious psh wut
BWHAHAHHAHAH YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!! *she doesn't laugh* Wait you serious. *She nods her head* IN BREAKING NEWS A GIRL HAS BEEN KILLED BY AN UNKNOWN SOURCE. Me-
Make. This. Real. Someone. Now. Right. Now. I want to hear those words come from someone and actually mean it I would send like 50 using fake names although if all 30 would be me that would be hard to explain but then I would be like woohoo I won all you yeh