Take Me As I Am (Completed)

I don't like One Direction. So can someone please tell me why I'm stuck on a game show with the five boys who have stolen millions of girls' hearts?
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All of these comments are from the One Direction fandom *hits chest not my boob tho* directioner and proud of it
Why does everybody reading this seem to be a carrot/ doesn't like one direction?
@andi_1940 if you don't like them why are you reading a one direction fanfiction
You keep telling yourself that yeah. But I think that you're in denial. 

Or should I say; deNiall?
Agreed, I don't like one gayrection.xD DIRECTION* but im stiil reading and writing stories with them in it!
@EmoLover_02 me too like cute tank tops and jeans or shorts I kinda like dresses but I usually wear them when I have to wear a dress

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