Dragon's Prize (Book 2; Sequel to Dragon's Treasure)

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Maya By Maya_2011 Completed
Sequel to Dragon's Treasure. 
    It is highly recommended you read Dragon's Treasure first.
    © by Maya_2011/Maya Starling
Lilith = Very common name for a demon, coincidence? I think not.
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I KNEW IT!!! *jumps up and down and runs outside and down the street screaming* I KNEW HE WASNT DEADDDDDDDD!!!! SUCK ON THAT YOU LIAR OF A STUPID WHORE PRINCE!!!! YOU SUCK AT KILLING A DRAGONS!!!!
My friends think I'm insane for dancing around like a maniac and I don't care
Hmm so who is the greedy man who is probably the father... What if it is Kaden?!
i miss the old dragon kaden....cos he was more romantic with olivia...becoming human at the same time seems heart breaking and good *sobs sobs* this story is so nice
Hello, I love this book! It's cover is amazing! 
                                    This sequel is awesome! Well done :)