Dragon's Prize (Book 2; Sequel to Dragon's Treasure)

Sequel to Dragon's Treasure. It is highly recommended you read Dragon's Treasure first. © by Maya_2011/Maya Starling
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@SnowFire195 No shit, Sherlock, slap a hat on and call yourself Dumbledore, you've got it ALLL figured out
I did. I quick scanned the chapter before I read it and learned that she wasn't lol
I will officially start reading book 2 once I get more of my story thrown together. Promise :D
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! KADEN IS ALIVE!!!!!
If Delilah tries to take him away from Olivia...ooooh things are going to get serious.
An I the I only one who thought Delilah was the daughter of Olivia? I was freaking out!
You don't understand how happy I am!!!!! Yayyyy!!!! Kaden's alive, he's alive!!!!

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