Emo Poems

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Andrew Fucking White By xAndrewWhite Updated 3 months ago
These arent the kinda poems where people are gonna find answers to their problems. These are my questions.
trying to get me to be positive is like tuning a guitar by ripping out the strings like learning to walk while being chased by a bear or learning to sing with the teachers fist down my throat I'm a sick person in a healthy body
Thx I needed to hear that. I read it to my friend and their like "we'll then...wtf"
Roses are sad violets are crying I'm happy on the outside but inside I'm dying
i really can relate to this. is it about waking up to your period? Jk xD
Wide awake,My mistake,So predictable,you were fake,i was great
^Above Ik! Im the same way my parente beat me and my friends are whores