Emo Poems

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xAndrewWhite By xAndrewWhite Updated 7 months ago
These arent the kinda poems were people are gonna find answers to their problems. These are my questions.
Roses are red
Your curtains are blue
I've got binoculars
I'm watching you

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Outside I'm smiling,
Inside I'm dying
*Weird deranged Satan's wails and screams echoing in the background while blood drips down white walls and corpses hang from the ceiling, staring with hollowed eyes*
Hi. Do you mind if I use some of these in my quote book? I will dedicate and give credit.
in asking you because i don't want to just take them because some of these i've never heard before and love
me and my friends have started a band, but havnt found a guitarist so aren't able to play music yet, but I was reading these and fell in love. i would like to know if you would let me use some of these for song lyrics.
roses are red,violets are blue,here I am with a panda for u I may b a stranger and I am danger but I am here for u ~gives u panda~