Emo Poems

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Andrew Fucking White By Andrew Fucking White Updated 3 days ago
These arent the kinda poems were people are gonna find answers to their problems. These are my questions.
i really can relate to this. is it about waking up to your period? Jk xD
Wide awake,My mistake,So predictable,you were fake,i was great
^Above Ik! Im the same way my parente beat me and my friends are whores
I have two questions for.... Answer them if you want...
Are you hurt and emo?
Also are you gay? Not that I have anything against you..
Sorry if I offend you in anyway..
This comment may be offensive.
My whole life in a couple words. 

Mabey I should just kill myself. 
My parents beat me. 
My friends are dicks. 
I bet off I died right at this moment no one would notice anything different.
Roses are red
Your curtains are blue
I've got binoculars
I'm watching you

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Outside I'm smiling,
Inside I'm dying