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Julian Sloan is the brother the famous business man Rafael Sloan[from my first story] his ambition is to be a teacher. He's a famous model in the whole country. Plus.. He's a player, he's never serious about her girlfriends. Until he met a girl name Rhoda Georgette Dena. A 17 year old teen age student of him. Her innocent face and the feminine scent of her driving him crazy!
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How embarrassing can that be!!! I would want a big whole open up under me and suck me lease go to to girl's restroom to do that!!! Can you imagine facing your teacher after you are caught doing something like that to yourself!!! Jeluweese that would suck major big time.... 
hahahaha.. love this chapter. so far so good. this is one of the books that i love because it's not too rushed. i love it. ♥ ♥ ♥ btw, can i please edit it please.?
oh poor georgette, caught playing with herself, total embarassment.  btw author i love her name
i knew a model whos teaching math also and this is so dreamlike but actually happenin in real life, having a model and a teacher in 1.
hahaha. that's so embarrassing. i'd rather quit school at once.
omg I'd quit school. died from embarrassment. that poor girl