Julian Sloan is the brother the famous business man Rafael Sloan[from my first story] his ambition is to be a teacher. He's a famous model in the whole country. Plus.. He's a player, he's never serious about her girlfriends. Until he met a girl name Rhoda Georgette Dena. A 17 year old teen age student of him. Her innocent face and the feminine scent of her driving him crazy!
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Oh gosh... That's funny xD the whole time I was like oh nooooooo!!! Then hahah yep I knew it
hehe hes falling 4 her and hes falling HARD! 
i like how u put the characters from ur last story in here:)
Wow, I honestly think that Gorgie and Kristoff should get together, I mean serioiusly??
I REALLY HOPE IT'S GEORGIE!!! i wonder who she will pick Kristoff or Julian??? UPDATE SOON PLEASE:)
More More More More More More More More More More! Please if U Are Still on Wattpad Tyhen Can U Please Upload x I'll Love you Forever x 

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