Forest Nightingales - The Forest Wants to Play

Lewis Nightingale is late coming out of work and so on the way home he makes a decision and brave the forest he has feared since he were a small boy. But a cruel spirit that lies in wait within the forests dark canopy is alured by the fears and hopes to feed on them by making his nightmares real in the reality it creates for its victims.
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My words to describe this story:)
I love it, keep writing dude-man!
@NESMAN Don't use them both at the same time. Past - talking about things that have already happened; present - talking about things occuring now. 
Creepy! :) Great job. I'd suggest sticking to one tense (instead of switching between present and past). 
The way you describe everything makes me feel like I'm seeing a movie! This is really good. xD
The writing is awesome and the story completely pulls you in. I'll definetly continue the read! Added to library and voted. xD
Very creative!!
I liked and I'm voting!
However, you spell paralyzed wrong.  An easy fix, though, so no worries. 

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