After School Detention (1D fanfic & Teacher/Student) [COMPLETE] (Under Editing)

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A new female teacher arrives at a high school, she meets 5 attractive boys in 5 of her new classes she'll teach.

Number 1: The Naughty Student, Harry Styles in her English class.

Number 2: The Good Student, Liam Payne in her History class.

Number 3: The Wild Student, Louis Tomlinson in her Math class.

Number 4: The Hungry Student, Niall Horan in her Music class.

Number 5: The Mysterious Student, Zayn Malik in her Art class. 

And all of them together is in her homeroom class!! How will the new female teacher survive their madness?!

(The Cover is made by my BFF/SIS:  @VasHappeninOneD)
I never knew teachers felt this way. But it makes sense, because I'm only 13.
This reminds me of the movie "Dirty Teacher" let's just hope she doesn't go crazy and run over them!
Same here I'm the smartest kid in my whole school and I'm brunette and in 4th grade
That makes more since!! Cuz I'm just that's too young to be a teacher
What's perfect about this is that Barbara Palvin who plays the female role in this story was seen with Niall Horan from One Direction the other day.
This is defiantly a new way to put a teacher/student story! I like it!