Timothy Eli and The Journey to the Light Guard Academy

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Navagator29 By Navagator29 Completed
Timothy is a normal ten year old kid who hates living in the shadow of his older brother. Unbeknownst to Tim, the Apocalypse has come calling. Tim learns that both he and friends are descendants of a secret sect of protectors known as Remnants.Powerful humans with insane physical, and metaphysical traits that give them unworldly power over the world and the elements therein. Now he and his friends have been assigned with protecting the final witness foretold in the Biblical book of Revelations. But first, they must learn the Ohr Omanot from the Archangel Michael and their holy host. Once they are finished,they are assigned the impossible task of traveling to the Heaven Realm and learning to harness their powers so that they can gain admittance into the prestigious Light Guard Academy. Tim must learn to overcome his lazy and scattered brain ways and lead his Legion into battle against some of the worst entities in existence. This is the first book in the Timothy Eli series and the first volume in the Light Guard Saga. Thanks and God Bless.
nathanturk2 nathanturk2 a month ago
I think shouted would be better, because screamed sounds like he is being tortured or something.
ClarenceBurnwick ClarenceBurnwick 5 months ago
Awesome book! This is going to be the first book ive ever completed
SaintJuice SaintJuice 5 months ago
At first I thought that this book, judging by the description, would be a thinly veiled Sunday school service. I'm actually happy to say that I was completely wrong lol. Nice job man :)
shandilion shandilion 7 months ago
The whole reason im reading this book is because.... I dunno really ly, uhmm... Lol anyways, its written beautifully so I know I'm going to enjoy the ride.. thanks Tim.
Sarahholloway300 Sarahholloway300 7 months ago
So far so good ! :) Read mine? And I feel like Tim should be much older than 10 years old. Just saying
RobPalmisano RobPalmisano 7 months ago
The whole reason I'm reading this book is because that's what you do with books. You read them......