The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride

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AndrewCrofts By AndrewCrofts Completed
This the fictional memoir of a young soap star who becomes a national icon.

All Steffi’s dreams come true when she lands a starring part in the country’s biggest soap opera has a number one Christmas single and wins a Bafta. The whole country falls in love with her, including the pop star she had a crush on all through her teenage years.

But someone out there knows a secret about Steffi’s past and heartless media revelations blow apart everything she ever believed to be true about her family and about herself.
nextsimmon nextsimmon a month ago
Great,as I've expected after the first one!!!! Loving to see the real talent,indeed!!!!!
usherber usherber a year ago
This is one of the best books i have read on this site....the writer makes you feel like your there with it
CarolineCarpenter CarolineCarpenter a year ago
I thought this was good! I'm pretty new to the site and this is one of the better things I've read on here so far. I like the narrator; she has a strong, natural-sounding voice. It seems like the storyline could get a bit predictable but I'm interested to read more :-)
LunaticMe LunaticMe a year ago
it's the first time I encounter a story using my name as a main character. by the way, my name is Steffi also
gelodevs gelodevs a year ago
Im just new here please read my story
dmsharp dmsharp 2 years ago
Hi ;) I really enjoyed the strong characterisations and descriptions. My favourite part was definitely about how she felt about make-up and if she didn't wear it... It was like myself taking! Look forward to more. Cheers!