The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride

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Andrew Crofts By Andrew Crofts Completed
This the fictional memoir of a young soap star who becomes a national icon.

All Steffi’s dreams come true when she lands a starring part in the country’s biggest soap opera has a number one Christmas single and wins a Bafta. The whole country falls in love with her, including the pop star she had a crush on all through her teenage years.

But someone out there knows a secret about Steffi’s past and heartless media revelations blow apart everything she ever believed to be true about her family and about herself.
I love your book. I'm adding it to my library. Do mind checking out my book my cousin and crush. I'm new and young and it would mean the word to me if you could check it out. Thanks everyone
This is one of the best books i have read on this site....the writer makes you feel like your there with it
I thought this was good! I'm pretty new to the site and this is one of the better things I've read on here so far. I like the narrator; she has a strong, natural-sounding voice. It seems like the storyline could get a bit predictable but I'm interested to read more :-)
it's the first time I encounter a story using my name as a main character. by the way, my name is Steffi also
Im just new here please read my story
Hi ;) I really enjoyed the strong characterisations and descriptions. My favourite part was definitely about how she felt about make-up and if she didn't wear it... It was like myself taking! Look forward to more. Cheers!